My friend’s band kicks quiet ass

Musée Mécanique

Because I was deep in the throes of a self-imposed How to Vomit Words crash course yesterday, I didn’t get around to a few things. My laundry is still sitting in a bag next to the couch. A carry-on shoulder bag I used for a trip that ended two weeks ago is waiting next to the laundry. And I missed Musée Mécanique’s show with Heather Broderick, Ritchie Young, and Sabertooth at the Doug Fir last night.

To preface, an old-timey friend named Micah sings and mans some of the instruments for Musée Mécanique. When we met in college, Micah’s dedication to his guitar was apparent and only hindered by his desire, like everyone’s, to graduate and get the heck out of Banana Slug country. I’m really stoked to see Micah performing the music that he’s probably had rattling in his head for years.

Beyond the personal connection, the songs are very enticing. Musée Mécanique uses a dazzling number of tools, including the glockenspiel and the musical saw (played by Micah). Their album includes backup vocals by local Portland favorite, Laura Gibson. The cumulative effect of listening to Hold This Ghost, their 2008 full-length release, is like stumbling into a shoebox of forgotten photographs and leafing through each picture like a mystery novel. It is fitting laundry-folding music, as it were – calm and pretty. Except that I get so distracted reflecting on times past that I forget what I’m doing mid-sock tie.

So I’m sorry to Micah for missing his show. But all is not lost, as Musée Mécanique will wrap up another whirlwind tour on February 14th at the Doug Fir once again. There’ll be lots of time to tend to socks before then.

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1 Response to “My friend’s band kicks quiet ass”

  1. 1 Danielle January 13, 2009 at 8:56 PM

    Sad! I’m sorry you missed that concert. I’m going to one on Sunday at the Doug Fir…apparently SilverSummit is opening for Woven Hand. Do you know much about them?

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