Cover Friday: All the cool kids share songs, sometimes spit

Leslie Feist makes any lighting look mellow

Leslie Feist makes any lighting look mellow

What a coincidence — On the same day that I stumbled upon this cover of Broken Social Scene’s “Lover’s Spit” performed back in 2004 by none other than Leslie Feist, Stereogum reports that Bon Iver has tried his hand at Feist’s “The Park” on an Australian radio show. You ever get the feeling that all the contemporary music deities and demi-gods hang out in the same spot (probably Ben and Zooey’s basement) and bounce ideas off each other on how to amuse the music junkies? Maybe they even keep a tank of high-maintenance manatees when they can’t decide on whose work to cover themselves.

I’m quite excited about the upcoming BSS show at the Wonder Ballroom on February 4th. It would make for a nifty, full-circle effect if both Feist and Bon Iver were also playing in Portland in the near future. But Bon Iver plans on hanging out down under for a while, and who could blame him. After touring during 2008 and donating 100% of her merchandise revenue to various charities, Feist has accumulated more than enough credit to earn some lounge time. You can chill out, too, as Feist takes the sprawling single from You Forgot It in People and pares it down to a solemn piano arrangement and her gentle voice. These components play with the coyness of the words and build with instrumentation to make the song a powerful interpretation.

  • Broken Social Scene (as performed by Feist) ~ Bee Hives ~ Arts & Crafts

Lover’s Spit


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