Cover Friday Monday: You can never have too much Department of Eagles

It was cool of someone to leave a sofa there

It was cool of someone to leave a sofa there

Because who doesn’t want more Fridays in their week? No one, that’s right. It took me a few weeks to really warm to the Department of Eagles’ most recent endeavor, In Ear Park. Maybe I was getting burnt out on all the jangly guitars and wispy harmonies from boys in 2008. Maybe I made the mistake, almost a rite of passage, of picking a sound with more of a bite, a sound that treated me like crap in public and never asked how I felt about anything.

But I can admit when I’ve done wrong. Now In Ear Park impresses me quite a bit. The catchy, percussive opening to “No One Does It Like You” is great, as is the glittering vaudevillian piano that punctuates “Teenagers.” Also impressive? Their handling of the 2006 pop hit “Too Little Too Late.” JoJo sang it for all the girls to fume over those men who can’t make up their minds, to be recreated loudly and discordantly with friends during the third bottle of Cabernet. The Department of Eagles version sounds like something single-handedly eked out in a bedroom by a kid with bangs hanging in his face.  Yet this works. Somehow, the band manages to make the song an even greater histrionic affair. It’s something in the mournful, wordless croons between verses and the slow harmonized delivery of the line, “Something don’t feel right.” If you can withstand anymore drama on a Monday morning, you have a stronger constitution than me.

Department of Eagles will play at the Doug Fir on Tuesday, January 27 (that’s tomorrow, for those keeping score). The Cave Singers will also play.

  • Department of Eagles ~ No One Does It Like You 7″ ~ 4AD

Too Little Too Late


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