Who needs love when you’ve got lo-fi?

The Love Language, releasing their barbaric yawp

The Love Language, releasing their barbaric yawp

This guy claims that in every romantic coupling, each person is capable of speaking five different languages. You mean those over-achieving multilingual people? Couples where one person is a foreigner? No, Dr. Chapman refers to the five languages of love, which form the basis for how we express our feelings to our sweethearts, boos, and shorties. The languages are: Words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. So when one member of the couple shows his undying devotion to the other in one language, but that other half prefers to be wooed in a language not being used, we get all the stuff of teenage dramas and Top 40 charts. Miscommunication! Resentment! Angst! Baby Jesus weeps for us and all the doves cry!

Unless you happen to be Stuart McLamb and his ex. Instead of finding a healthy compromise between homemade cards and taking the cars for oil changes, they threw beer bottles at the wall when they were angry at each other. One can only hope they polished off the contents before they engaged in the bottle tossing. As a result, McLamb wrote the frisky, loud song, “Lalita” and eventually put together his band, The Love Language. The group is the most recent addition to the roster of bands on the Bladen County Records label, an independent label emerging as a key arbiter of cool. But does The Love Language speak the five languages of love? Let’s run down the list:

– Words of affirmation: The Love Language’s MySpace describes their sound as “Etta James kicking heroin.”

– Gifts: Thanks to Bladen County, we get to hear a preview of the band on a compilation available for free download on the website.

– Acts of service: McLamb will mail you a customized band T-shirt if you do him the service of sending a check.

– Quality time: I predict you will want to listen to the songs over and over. They read like stories shared in a holding cell around two in the morning. The songs sound best as you get ready for a night out that could very well lead to your telling the stories in a holding cell later on.

– Physical touch: If you were lucky enough to live in NYC, Philadelphia, or Washington DC during The Love Language’s recent tour with the Rosebuds, you may have gotten a piece. Whether or not the band touches you during an upcoming tour is the business of its members.

The Love Language will release their self-titled album around March 17.

  • The Love Language ~ The Love Language ~ Bladen County



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