Songs with which to be twitterpated

Cover of January 27, 2009 release Happy the Man

Cover of January 27, 2009 release Happy the Man

I’m fully convinced that some bands just release pheromones. One day, you’re chugging along, going about your business while half-asleep, your iPod headphones keeping your head propped up. Then all of a sudden, a song comes on and it’s as if the volume soars up momentarily. You’re awake and you’re attentive. In fact, your day didn’t really begin until you heard that song. No one ever lost money by comparing the right kind of music to falling in love. Even if the analogy is banal, it doesn’t stop the feeling from being true. There’s nothing like the euphoria, that total recognition of knowing that whatever the song is doing, you hope it keeps doing it.

Can you tell I’m a little enamoured of The Guggenheim Grotto? They’re just a super cute, funny, and nice band. And they’re from Dublin! Tee hee! Of course, I kid to mask the fact that I’ve listened to “Fee Da Da Dee” about five times already today (and I began this entry sometime right after lunch, so the number is probably triple that). That really is the name of the single, but it’s less cloying than the title might suggest. In fact, the lyrics tell a different story than one of brand new romantic interests and endless possibilities. Kevin May and Mick Lynch (I disclose that I don’t know which one is which, but I like them both equally) sing, “If the world decides to melt, there’s nothing I can do to change your mind.” Yet they go ahead and launch into an infinitely singable chorus and you want the song to play on loop during a shiny-haired montage of you and someone – anyone – in your first days of courtship.

“Fee Da Da Dee” is best served as the appetizer before The Guggenheim Grotto’s offering about a specific object of desire, “Her Beautiful Ideas.” The synth background bounces along as the singer recounts all the clever things someone you love might say, and the song ends with quiet strings and playful indignation that the subject has made it impossible to get out of bed. Who doesn’t enjoy it when the pursuit ends in numerous games of catch?

I’ve listened to more of Happy the Man, and I have no doubt that The Guggenheim Grotto will start to see a fanbase as devoted as theirs in the UK. All those who love The Swell Season and The Frames, or even Elbow with a more optimistic view on life, will welcome this band. The other songs on the album may comprise the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with The Guggenheim Grotto, but the two aforementioned songs are for the newly infatuated. You’ll be smitten once you hear them.

  • Guggenheim Grotto ~ Happy the Man ~ United for Opportunity

Fee Da Da Dee

Her Beautiful Ideas


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