Brits heart America, sort of!

Her bangs are great, thats for sure

Her bangs are great, that's for sure

When the Volume Knob girls posted a video by Emmy the Great, my knee-jerk reaction was skepticism. Anyone who tags on some superlative adjective to her moniker better damn well blow my mind (once is enough, the sixty-nine times that Rick James waxes poetic on are not necessary). Plus, a name like that just sets yourself up for so many easy puns. Emmy the Ordinary. Emmy the Meh. Emmy the Who?

Granted, I don’t feel that way about her. Her songwriting has a frank and sarcastic slant, and she has a tidy way of herding the words into each line so they present themselves to you unfiltered and in no uncertain terms, pretty darned smart. Her voice reminds me of the newish crop of English ladies with slightly nasal-based registers and singing styles that kind of sound like speaking (Lily Allen, bless her heart, seems to have popularized it). I can’t quite decide if I care for this brand of singing. Despite that, even though I was not completely convinced of her greatness just yet, I was beginning to like Emmy the Great all the same.

Then I heard she collaborated with Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim aka The BPA and worried that she allowed herself to participate in another ode to 70’s porn. Black bars covering your pink bits don’t always equal greatness, at least when you’re trying to make the jump across the pond as a serious musician. But instead, Emmy the Great sings on a deceptively sugary number that really showcases the sweet, clear quality of her vocals. And the video, which takes the visual idea of hodge-podge that Norman Cook has based his meal ticket on, looks like it was a hoot to have filmed. Fine, I’m just a grump. I never should have doubted. Emmy the Great, you’re a tiny larger-than-life pop queen waiting to be throned.

Emmy the Great’s upcoming album, First Love, is scheduled to be released on February 9 on Close Harbour.

  • The BPA ~ I Think We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat ~ Southern Fried Records



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