Maple leaf madness at the Wonder Ballroom

This is not the show I saw, but indicative of what I did see

This is not the show I saw, but indicative of what I did see

A few things that surprised me about the Broken Social Scene concert at the Wonder Ballroom last night:

– The band really embraces the idea of a musical collective and the inclusive nature and wide range of talents really shows in their live act. From what my barely 5’1 stature could discern, everyone on the stage looked like they were having a blast.

– Nothing affected me more than “Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl.” Am I surprised? I guess not. Lisa Lobsinger fielded the vocals and made me just about tear up.

– The band that night included members from Menomena! PDX and Toronto BFF!

– Beer before liquor can make you sicker. Or it can make you sway a lot and eventually require a seat. Heh. So I had every intention of jotting down each song from the set and posting them for your edification right here. But my attempts at accurate reporting met a few obstacles. One, Celebration Ale. Two, Jack Daniels. Three, the darkness of the room. Four, the conflict between wanting to capture the moment and be in the moment. Five, Jack Daniels, again. Here are my uncensored results for a setlist. Any help is appreciated and obviously necessary.

1. Intro
2. dee dum dum dum
3. “All your …” [Reader Angel informed me that this song was “KC Accidental.” I can’t believe they played “KC Accidental” and I wasn’t even aware of it.]
4. Interlude
5. “Stars and Sons”
6. “Hit the Wall”
7. “Churches Under the Stairs”
8. “Shoreline”
9. “Fire Eye’d Boy”
10. piano … prostitutes?[Angel thought this might be “Farewell to the Pressure Kids.” It is also quite likely they did “F*cked Up Kid” somewhere in the set. Did I mention whiskey?]
11. “Looks Just Like the Sun”
12. “Mrs. Morris”
13. hummy song
14. “Time = Cause”
15. “Superconnected”
16. “Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl”

After that, it all becomes fuzzier. More so. Anyway, since I have neither the best camera nor height to handle live coverage, I am using the video footage shot by the super-genius ladies at Bitch Magazine, who also got a good chunk of “Anthems” on film as well. They offer a concise review on their blog. Thanks for the memories, ladies! And thank you, thank you to Broken Social Scene. I still can’t quite believe that I got to (theoretically) see them live.

I don’t know the title, but this is pretty awesome.

[Again, Angel came through and labeled this as “Chameleon.” Nice work.]


2 Responses to “Maple leaf madness at the Wonder Ballroom”

  1. 1 Angel February 7, 2009 at 5:40 AM

    The third song they played was “KC Accidental”, and I think that the 10th song they played was “Farewell to the Pressure Kids”. Somewhere in there I think I remember them playing “F–ked Up Kid”, possibly after Farewell. That amazing video you posted is of “Chameleon”.

    Such an amaaazing show. I had to leave early; I’m so bummed I missed Anthems :[

  2. 2 oldvertue0103 February 8, 2009 at 2:13 AM

    Oh, you’re right! They did play “Fucked Up Kid.” I think they even said so. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

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