Grammy Q & A between me and my TV

Even M.I.A.'s dress kicks Katy Perry's ass

Even M.I.A.'s dress kicks Katy Perry's ass

It’s probably been at least 13 years since I watched the Grammys. But last night, I thought I would give it another shot to see if anything that transpired was worth my curiosity. Anyway, it had been a while since I got to witness a good old-fashioned trainwreck. So did any of my burning questions receive answers? Well …

Q: Do the Grammys ever reward innovation?
A: On one hand, Radiohead’s In Rainbows took the award for Best Alternative Album. Surely no one really knows what that distinction means anymore, thus contributing to the mystique of Radiohead. Also, Thom Yorke’s hair looked alarmingly like Keith Urban’s and I hope he grew it out that way only as a joke. Still, Radiohead turned in a very warm, strong performance of “15 Step” with accompaniment from the Trojan Marching Band of USC. But in spite of how well-received their set was and how undeniably deserving the band is of all the laurels that can be rested on their heads, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the award. How did this album, one that in its conception went against the grain of all the greed and close-minded thinking typical of these mainstream award shows, manage to snag a Grammy? Good Lord, are the bands I cherish becoming part of the establishment?

But on the other hand, Coldplay won for Best Record of the Year and Best Song of the year – the same year that gave us “Skinny Love,” “Time to Pretend,” and “White Winter Hymnal.” Suddenly, it all becomes so clear why I stopped paying attention. Brush that bland, chalky taste from your mouth with this video courtesy of the Discotheke blog.

  • Radiohead ~ In Rainbows ~ Self-released

15 Step

Q: Will M.I.A. give birth on stage?
A: She did not. I am actually pretty grateful for that. She maintained really well, and bounced across the stage about as much as a nine-months’ pregnant woman can be expected. The entire concept of The Rap Pack had very little resolution with the Rat Pack that Sammy David Jr. and Dean Martin were members of, despite what Queen Latifah tried to advocate. But the performance was worth it to see M.I.A. play with the A-list boys while wearing a reversed Minnie Mouse costume and not letting her unborn child tumble out to distract Kanye West from his solo. Another added bonus: The subsequent indignation on the part of this Entertainment Weekly writer that M.I.A. wasn’t given greater props for “Paper Planes” in the case of “Swagga Like Us” or by the Grammys in general. Here’s a rhetorical question for this Q & A: Who knew the Grammys would bring me and a single opinion of EW together? A less rhetorical one: Once M.I.A.’s baby arrives, will his/her first order of business be to tell Jay-Z that it’s really time to retire?

  • Jay-Z/T.I. ~ The Blueprint/Paper Trail ~ Def Jam/Grand Hustle

Swagga Like Us

Q: What did the Grammys not show?
A: Daft Punk swept the Dance Recording and Electronic Dance Album categories for their live release, Alive 2007. Again, the head scratcher here is that the original version of “Harder Better Faster Stronger” came out in 2001. Since there were no robots on the Staples Center stage at any point, it is safe to say that the wins were not broadcasted. So what can I show you if there was no footage? How about a group of cheek-pinch worthy boys doing an acapella rendition? I don’t care what you think of acapella. They’re doing the robot! They toss in a C & C Music Factory shout-out! It’s more entertaining than watching Whitney Houston try to not appear cracked out!

  • Daft Punk ~ Alive 2007 ~ Virgin (as performed by the UMD Generics, an acapella group in University of Maryland)

Harder Better Faster Stronger


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