Let me tell you ’bout The Bird and the Bee

Is this mind-melding with fingers?

Is this mind-melding with fingers?

Gentle readers, as the dreaded Hallmark cash cow on February 14th approaches and the last stages of winter rage on, I’m sure many of you have more than the mere warmth of the radiator on your minds. So in the immortal words of Salt-N-Pepa, let’s talk about sex. You all do it, or wish you did. You know the mechanics. You hopefully know how to achieve it safely. You know how to drunkenly text someone at two in the morning to obtain it when you don’t want to put forth too much effort.

But after a while, you get burnt out on hearing the same Portishead and Joan As Policewoman albums when you are partaking in sexy-time. A repeated routine of sexy-time albums also puts you at a disadvantage if your conquests end up comparing notes. You need something new, something fresh and appropriate to liven up the proceedings. Enter The Bird and the Bee. Their name alone suggests that you’ve hit sexy-time pay dirt.

The Bird and the Bee’s story of origin is a quintessential LA one. Both members work in the music industry (Greg Kurstin doubles as a producer and keyboard player, and singer Inara George met him during her work on her debut solo album in 2006). Both have numerous artistic projects on the burner. Together, their band has enjoyed popularity through use of their songs on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

But most importantly, does The Bird and the Bee make sexy-time music? Thing is, the band employs so many kinds of styles that while it works when you take each track one at a time, almost like hitting shuffle on the iPod, the album may not hold up as a sustained whole effort. Your attention span could fizzle out or be stimulated just splendidly. Some listeners may love the variety offered by the band’s love of genre-splicing. Others could get into the sci-fi B-movie opening strains of “Ray Gun,” hoping for more, and be left cold by the chorus, which sounds like a sample from a minuet. But you’ll never know unless you try. Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future is the whole human sexual experience in under an hour. That might not make the music the greatest choice for your personal pollination projects (unless you count three and a half minutes at a time as a job well done), but you know someone out there has probably already had sex while it was on. Maybe this couple

The Bird and the Bee will play a show at the Doug Fir on Wednesday, February 11. Obi Best will also play.

  • The Bird and the Bee ~ Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future ~ Blue Note

Polite Dance Song


1 Response to “Let me tell you ’bout The Bird and the Bee”

  1. 1 Danielle February 11, 2009 at 6:20 PM

    I really like the song you linked to! And the singer isn’t the same frontwoman from Psapp, is she?

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