It’s not me … or is it?

I want this whole ensemble, even the microphone

Except for the microphone, this whole ensemble boggles

Lily Allen is the friend you can’t decide if you adore or want to shake until she regains her sense. Her litany of contradictions just drive you mad. Sometimes she’ll go on in dulcet, reverent tones about the amazement of falling into a loving relationship. But as soon as that praise leaves her mouth, she’ll harp on how unfair it is that the guy she’s seeing really cares for her but does nothing for her in bed. Other times, she rails against society’s lofty expectations of womens’ appearances and you want to give her an amen. Then she’ll blithely remark that everything’s fine as long as she’s getting thinner. And you’re never really certain when she’s kidding or when she’s serious or if she’s simply confused.

Maybe the reason I’m never sure what to do with my hypothetical friend is because she expresses the same hypocritical paradoxes we all feel once in a while. Critics slam Allen for her sometimes banal and condescending observations on the little bubble of her world. But the childishness of her fixations and insecurities sound so alarmingly close to my own sometimes that I can’t ever quite dismiss her. Because who doesn’t worry about being less greedy while secretly wishing to look more like Cheryl Tweedy? In “22,” she addresses the dilemma of an aging woman who is torn between the faerie tale ending and the reality of modern dating and self-sufficiency practices. It’s one of the more sympathetic points in her newly released album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Another reason I’ll keep listening to Lily Allen? Perez Hilton seems to hate her for some inexplicable reason. Or he’s stated his reasons but I can’t stand wading through his arbitrary tongue baths of other celebrities to figure out why. Whatever she’s doing to annoy that chubby sycophant, I hope she keeps it up.

  • Lily Allen ~ It’s Not Me, It’s You ~ Capitol

22 [Due to copywright issues, the link to this song was deleted.]


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