Dilemmas, dilemmas

Man, it really sucks to live in Portland sometimes. There was a 9% unemployment increase in the past year, though the job market has never been very strong compared to other states. Our international star rookie enjoyed a less than stellar reception during the NBA All-Star Game’s Slam Dunk contest. And this evening in the City of Roses, there are three concerts with conflicting showtimes. Each show draws a different kind of crowd, and each will create its own unique atmosphere. Life sure is wicked hard sometimes.  How can you decide on which concert is the right one for you?

You are: A community college instructor. Or eating Top Ramen every night as you get your MBA. Or a 45-year-old dad who is trying to school your tweens on a band whose name does not end in Brothers or begin with Lil’.
You wish you were: A professional snowboarder or a director of snowboarding films.
Your drink of choice: Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Your concert tonight: Appleseed Cast at Satyricon. Let Down Loser and Leaving the Scene also play. All-ages venues help to keep your wits enough (or make you feel just old enough) to put in your ear-plugs. Score!

  • Appleseed Cast ~ Peregrine ~ Militia


You are: A closet romantic comedy junkie. Also, a banker or professional cubicle slave.
You wish you were: Irish or married to an Irish national.
Your drink of choice: Jameson and ginger ale. But if there’s no drink special, Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Your concert tonight: Lisa Hannigan at the Wonder Ballroom. Gavin Glass also plays,  both as an opening act and in Hannigan’s band. Added bonus: You know no one will pull that “Do you have a little Irish in ya?” crap.

  • Lisa Hannigan ~ Sea Sew ~ ATO

Ocean and a Rock

You are: Hey! Did you hear about the party after the show? I think I’m gonna go, but my friends don’t want to go. Can I get a ride?
You wish you were: In the band. Or getting enough from unemployment to pay for more than a couple plastic tumblers of Pabst.
Your drink of choice: Rainer. Ha, fooled you that time!
Your concert: Don Caballero at Doug Fir. DD/MM/YYYY and sBach also play. If you don’t like the opening bands, you can always smoke outside by the fire pit, rub your Urban Outfitters gloves together, and bitch about how much it sucks to live in Portland where none of the good shows come to tour.

  • Don Caballero ~ American Don ~ Touch and Go

You Drink a Lot of Coffee for a Teenager


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