Gorge on the three B’s (waffle not required but delicious)

Holy frijoles, everyone. The 2009 lineup for the Sasquatch! Music Festival was announced today, and the acts read like a list of the tags on this blog. Just to skim the surface: Five of the bands mentioned in my Best of 2008 list are scheduled to perform. In and of itself, that’s enough to start tallying how many quarts of plasma I need to produce and sell in order to enjoy the full three-day weekend of musical, comedic, and shower-free stylings in the Gorge. But I’m also really stoked that the following Portland acts were put on the bill and get to showcase their talents to a wider audience:

Saturday, May 23: Blind Pilot

This band has had the Indie Rock: A New Hope expectation heaped upon them by a number of critics. They could have a legitimate claim to the title, with comparisons to the Shins and Arcade Fire. Personally, Blind Pilot reminds me a lot of the Lucksmiths, with their soft use of percussion and ability to fit a tight knot of words into an easy-flowing pop rhyme. This lyric: “Your breath was courage laced with alcohol and you leaned in and said, ‘Make music with the chatter you hear. Whisper all the notes in my ears.'” That lyric would make me hop on a plane to meet its author anywhere.

  • Blind Pilot ~ 3 Rounds and a Sound ~ Expunged


Sunday, May 24: The Builders and the Butchers

Anyone who bought a wristband for Music Fest NW 2008 received a complimentary album compiled of the bands who played during the festival that year. Although I missed their live set, I sought out The Builders and the Butchers’ single on that CD consistently for a couple months after Music Fest had ended. Something about the tango snare at the beginning must have been pretty hard to keep away, not to mention how the sound goes full-on flamenco fueled by bathtub gin after the first singing of the chorus. This song is best shouted in the safety of your car or empty office. You can try it with witnesses, but there is no guarantee of a benign response.

  • The Builders and the Butchers ~ Split 12″ (split with Loch Lomond) ~ Bladen County

When It Rains

Monday, May 25: Blitzen Trapper

I make no secret of my love for Blitzen Trapper. I think these boys are fabulous. I will continue to say this until I believe otherwise. For now, a single reason why: If a band can open with a line with as much potential weight as, “I can live with God and with suicide,” and still keep your foot tapping and shoulders bobbing as you mull it over, they have to be doing something right.

  • Blitzen Trapper ~ Furr ~ Sub Pop

God and Suicide


2 Responses to “Gorge on the three B’s (waffle not required but delicious)”

  1. 1 Jenny February 21, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    Waffle Window reference? Sneaky…

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