Eyes on Persian etymology and happy happy synth synth

Are you as half-confused by their name as I am?

Are you as half-confused by their name as I am?

You’ve probably heard the word “serendipity” a few times. People use it to describe meeting their significant others, landing their dream careers, scoring time on the laps of semi-famous celebrities. I have no such tales of serendipitous circumstances. I met my significant other at a job. I found my non-bloggy work through a temp agency. To my knowledge, I have not sat on the lap of anyone remotely famous, though I famously spill Thai food and pasta heavy on the garlic butter onto my own lap quite frequently.

As if to make up for the dearth in other departments, musical serendipity happens to me fairly often. But then, that’s a pretty sure bet, since most music is discovered when I’m doing something entirely unrelated, like driving a car or slaving away in a cubicle. As long as the presence of dumb luck hasn’t enabled me to unearth anything truly useful, such as chocolate chip cookies, I’ll gladly take the songs that come along.

The most recent striking of musical serendipity happened yesterday on the plane ride back from vacation. Something about that return voyage from vacation always feels a bit off. There’s always an activity you wanted to do but didn’t, something you wanted to eat but couldn’t fit in, stuff you wanted to drink gallons more of but passed out before you had the chance. It’s like the ride back to your real life is crowded with the ghosts of your past memories and missed opportunities. By contrast, the ride on the way to your vacation feels tingly with possibilities. I expected to be bored and pissy as the plane carried me further away from my tanned and restful state. After exhausting the magazines in my carry-on bag and unsuccessfully trying to sleep, I aimlessly plugged my headphones into one of the in-flight music stations. The first few bands grated. The rumble of the drink cart held more promise. Then the station reached a selection from the Black Kids, whom I’d heard positive things about. Wowza. I was beginning to worry that there would be no new equivalent of In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy, making daily walks with headphones way less dancey. Once I finally listened a track from the Black Kids’ 2008 full-length debut, Partie Traumatic, I knew I could put that fear to rest. Even though I’m rather slow on the uptake (as outlets like NME made this one of their Best of 2008 choices), I’m still just as psyched for the seductive, unpredictable production. Will there be a strummy guitar next? How about whistling synthesized tweets? I just can’t wait to find out. Plus, the playful, seductive sound more than qualifies as an instance of serendipity on an airplane ride marked by little more than dread.

The Black Kids will play at the Wonder Ballroom on Sunday, April 19. Judgement Day and Mates of State will also play.

  • Black Kids ~ Partie Traumatic ~ Columbia

I’m Making Eyes at You [Due to copywright issues, the link to this song was deleted.]


1 Response to “Eyes on Persian etymology and happy happy synth synth”

  1. 1 Danielle March 4, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    I’m not a fan of return plane rides, either. In fact, last return trip, I was so sad and distraught to be coming home that I actually cried on the plane. Whoops…TMI….

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