Corny, but this is seasoned just right

Nothing but a beastly good year for Laura Gibson

Nothing but a beastly good year for Laura Gibson

I’m so excited right now. It’s my first night since returning from vacation that I’m at home, drinking a beer, and feeling like I’m able to breathe for more than a couple gulps at a time. The beer helps this feeling along but is not the cause, which is also kind of a fun change in the status quo. I am listening to Laura Gibson’s new album, Beasts of Seasons. The music is filling my living room with a sepia-hued glow that makes my apartment feel warmer and more inviting somehow, like someone swept the floors and left a tasteful quilted blanket on the couch. Even the more wry and maudlin-worded songs on this album make me want to put on a swirly skirt, pick up the cat, and waltz with him across the hardwood floor. But I will not do this because I am too content just sitting here and listening, and the cat hates dancing. I can respect this.

There’s definitely something about Laura Gibson’s voice, which sings out each line in a manner that initially appears tentative but carries a complex command that bestows a lightness to her descriptive observations. Maybe it is the style of her music, which might safely fall under the Folk or Singer-Songwriter categories, although the crisp production on Beasts of Seasons does not sound like it was cranked out in a coffeehouse. Either way, the overall effect feels simultaneously familiar and compelling, and the pleasure of hearing each track is as good as thumbing through a really great book with all the time in the world to take it in.

Laura Gibson will play at the Old Church in to celebrate her CD release on Thursday, April 2. Ah Holly Fam’ly and the Portland Cello Project will also play.It’s followed by a potluck. Who doesn’t heart potlucks?

  • Laura Gibson ~ Beasts of Seasons ~ Hush

Come By Storm


1 Response to “Corny, but this is seasoned just right”

  1. 1 solitaryartcollective March 6, 2009 at 8:44 PM

    I’m so psyched you are blogging about music I haven’t been exposed to before. Her voice is beautiful, along with the music…thanks for putting the mp3 up 🙂

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