It’s prime time to defy the elements

Not your high school's Most Beautiful Couple, though they could be

Not your high school's Most Beautiful Couple, though they could be

In case the introspection on this blog has grown too large and threatens to devour all the light-hearted elements like a rabid dinosaur, have no fear – we enjoy liquid-like pop with cute Japanese girl voices, too! I don’t know very much about Asobi Seksu, other than that their name translates roughly to “fun sex,” which is my favorite kind. The band’s sound on their newest album reflects the name pretty well, in that it’s a little unpredictable, often giddy with its pop sensibilities, and occasionally kind of sprawling and hard to get a grasp on. The shoegazer pigeonhole that the band is so readily placed into generates a couple pretty obvious comparisons, My Bloody Valentine and Lush most specifically. But the low-energy associations with the genre don’t fit, at least for “Me and Mary,” which sounds as engaging and inexplicable as anything MBV ever released in their short lifespan. Is that not sexy enough for you? James Hanna and Yuki Chikudate, the two core members of Asobi Seksu, are very fun, even dreamy, to behold.

Asobi Seksu will play at the Doug Fir on Wednesday, March 11. Resplandor and Bell will also play.

  • Asobi Seksu ~ Hush ~ Polyvinyl

Me and Mary


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