Cover Friday: How can I resist the allure of power pop?

Let's hope they're not lost in the supermarket

Let's hope they're not lost in the supermarket

Normally, I break out in mental hives whenever someone uses the term “twee,” whether or not it’s used in a perjorative or factual way. When I hear this word, I think of the bloated cheeks of an imaginary spoiled hell-spawn wearing pink Chuck Taylors. Then my mind gets vicious and pinchy. A similar reaction occurs when I hear the phrase “action item.”

But I bring up twee here because it’s a pretty appropriate way to describe Miniature Tigers. Rolling Stone bestowed the humorously-worded honor of being  “one of the best bands on MySpace” in 2006. Really, you don’t get any more twee than being called one of the best MySpace bands by the geezers at Rolling Stone. But the band parlayed their Internets fame into a stint on the lineup of the CMJ Music Marathon last year, and is currently on tour with the guitarist from Phantom Planet. And I have had the la-la-la part of their single “Cannibal Queen” stuck in my head for days. That song will burrow itself in your consciousness deeper than an argument with a loved one, and yet, it is still awesome. They also rhyme “cannibal” with “accountable.” 

So I’m not all that surprised that Miniature Tigers has covered ABBA (not savvy enough to create the infamous backward B in their name), the influential Swedish monarchy of the sugar-coated, singable dose of cute. I heart ABBA. My parents had a cassette tape of ABBA’s greatest hits, and I secretly wished that someone would make a movie (starring eight-year-old me) comprised entirely of ABBA songs and high kicks. I think Miniature Tigers understands the need for a little ABBA in every pop band’s life. Smart boys.

  • Miniature Tigers ~ no album information, sorry, but they are on the Modern Art label

Mamma Mia


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