Offing one’s offspring is surprisingly catchy

At the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR, courtesy of BrainPie on Flickr

At the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, OR, courtesy of BrainPie on Flickr

Speaking of this South by Southwest business, one of the anticipated events of the festival is the Decemberists playing their whole upcoming album, The Hazards of Love, at Stubb’s on March 18. The album will hit stores on March 24. I’m pretty deflated that the likelihood of my traveling to Austin next week is on the same level as my venturing up to the moon. Especially saddening (for me, not so much for anyone fortunate enough to be at this show) is that the Heartless Bastards and the Avett Brothers are on the bill as the opening acts. Somehow, this makes the prospect of moon travel just depressing instead of exhilirating.

Still, I guess things could be worse. I could be the immoral narrator of the Decemberists’ teaser track off of The Hazards of Love. I’d have been married at age 21, saddled with more rugrats than I wanted (meaning any), and the solution to my unwanted parenthood would be calculated familicide. Actually, it could be even worse than that. I could be the wife of the rake, or much more dire than that situation, one of his children. But the chilling, descriptive details of murder are par for the course from the same band that brought us such gripping bedtime-story songs as “The Bagman’s Gambit” and “The Chimbley Sweep.” And really, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Stay away from foxglove, children!

  • Decemberists ~ The Hazards of Love ~ Capitol

The Rake’s Song


1 Response to “Offing one’s offspring is surprisingly catchy”

  1. 1 solitaryartcollective March 13, 2009 at 7:26 PM

    “The Rake’s Song” is rather catchy – I just have to forget the lyrics…I feel like I’m reading a Flannery O’Connor story or something.

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