Cover Friday: Cultivating and captivating

Where's your cups, boys? Ain't you gonna chip in?

Where's your cups, boys? Ain't you gonna chip in?

I could give you the minute details of my day, which went from blah to yeah then dissolved into a hell nah in an unexpected turn of events. But all that has passed and will not get any more interesting upon retelling. I could describe the perennially entertaining trajectory of Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop Dogg. But I don’t need to do this. He’s the inventor of the word, “izzle.” You already love him. I could mention how alt-country veterans, the Gourds, still hear drunkenly hollered requests for their rendition of the irresistibly fun 1994 hit, “Gin and Juice,” which includes fiddles and lots of skilled string plucking. But if you’ve heard the cover, you already love it. Anyway, rather than lecture on why this version of that song resonates, I think you should just experience it. As should I. The day has not treated me kindly, but the night surely will. Or as Snoop so wisely reasoned, “You gotta get yours fool but I gotta get mine.” For those unfamiliar with the original song, the language and subject do not appeal to all. I personally take no offense, but if you or someone around you does, use discretion before listening. Fool.

  • Gourds ~ Gogitchyershinebox ~ Watermelon

Gin and Juice


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