Cover Friday: What is this treacherous thing in spring?

It seems like everybody is cranking out a tribute to The Cure these days. NME crowned the band with the impossible-to-live-up-to accolade, “Godlike Geniuses” and released an album of covers of various pop bands trying their hands at The Cures’ beloved hits, The Cure Tribute Album: Pictures of You. I’m convinced that Dinosaur Jr.’s rendition of “Just Like Heaven” is worth the price of admission alone. Then there’s the more obscure lineup on Perfect as Cats: A Tribute to The Cure, with takes on several of the band’s songs that aren’t played on 80’s radio stations constantly. While I haven’t heard it, Bat for Lashes’ interpretation of “A Forest” surely merits your contribution to the Invisible Children charity that this compilation benefits. And behind door number three, the dreamy noisemakers on Just Like Heaven: A Tribute to The Cure include Tanya Donelly (and the girls who came of age in the 90’s say, “We missed you!”) and Dean & Britta. Blake Hazard of The Submarines channels Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star on their cover of “Boys Don’t Cry.”

So why have I chosen Tricky’s cover of “The Love Cats” from his 2003 album, Vulnerable? It’s just what you might expect Tricky to do with The Cure, with vocalist Costanza Francavilla purring the words of the chorus and a seductive bass line looped throughout. Well, I’ll let you know after I see Tricky play this evening. Whee!

  • Tricky ~ Vulnerable ~ Enhanced

The Love Cats


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