Eyes were glowing from carrying such grace

Not the show I saw, but probably just as loverly

Not the show I saw, but probably just as loverly

It seems appropriate that one of Laura Gibson’s most memorable songs from her concert at the Old Church tonight was “Glory,” the final track from Beasts of Seasons. The song is a vividly detailed commemoration of significant people in Gibson’s life, and the powerful impressions that those individuals have left. That idea of those fleeting moments of grace that those close to us exhibit permeated the performance. I heard Gibson sing the song with her trademark gentle touch, on an altar with a choir of subtle singers, members of the Portland Cello Project, and her current touring band (including Sean Ogilvie and Micah Rabwin). It felt like being part of a bigger, less tangible community than the ones that our workplaces or Facebook networks allow us. And it sounded amazing.

I wanted to keep track of a set list, or at least take out my camera. I really hoped I would. But it felt discourteous to do anything besides shift on the cushioned pew and listen to Laura Gibson do her thing. So the following video will have to suffice.

Laura Gibson will play at the Doug Fir on Thursday, May 7. Leonard Mynx and Damian Jurado will also play.



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