Cover Friday Saturday: Deeeeeeep cleansing breath

Serious fierceness

Serious fierceness

In case you need more in the Things You Did Not Need to Know about Me treasure chest, here’s another: I was at the doctor last Wednesday. The assistant checked my paperwork and asked me how often I drank alcohol. I said, “Not that often.” The night prior I had been watching a Blazers game buffered by free pitchers of Pabst, which is almost not alcohol at all. But as I fibbed I thought, “You mean, how many in each sitting? Am I supposed to count them?” I had no clue what an appropriate number would be. And for whatever reason, the fact that I felt the need to lie for my answer brings me down.

Then the doctor, one of the sweetest women I’ve met in a clinical setting, had me go horizontal for the examination. And no matter how many times you’ve had an annual check-up, there’s still no escape from the odd disassociation you feel with your body as you prop your feet in the fuzzy stirrups and feel the cool, regulated air on your exposed lady parts. It’s just weird, right? Then I saw a phrase, cut out from a magazine or printed from a home computer or something like that, attached to the ceiling where any patient getting examined could read it.

Breathe deeply.

It was a strange setting to have a revelation, but as effective as any other epiphany-prone spot. Just to offer even more of an embarrassing back story, it has been a bizarre and busy week for me. There was billing to be done at work, there was the Laura Gibson show at the Old Church to blow me away, there was the afternoon on Tuesday when the hidden peanuts in my lunch nearly sent me to the hospital. I haven’t been sleeping all that well or that much, and the need to decompress often makes me choose brownies and beer over centering breaths and stretches. It’s unrealistic to give up one for the other, but there needs to be a better balance. And breathing deeply sounds like a good start.

So this slow, delicately orchestrated version of Natasha Khan (better known as Bat for Lashes) singing the Bruce Springsteen hit, “I’m on Fire” is quite calming. Nothing makes you go ahhh like a song about unconsummated sexual desire, right? Sigh. I’ll be in my Relaxation Strategies for Idiots class this morning.

Bat for Lashes will play at the Doug Fir on Thursday, June 11.

  • Bat for Lashes ~ The Saturday Sessions: The Dermot O’Leary Show ~ EMI

I’m on Fire


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