Compare and contrast: Headlights vs. Love Language

This band is not a reliable form of transportation

This band is not a reliable form of transportation

The Wednesday night lineup at the Doug Fir should give a little something for everyone. The headlining band is the Headlights, and I would not be surprised if all the members radiate a warm, inviting light. In their shimmery single, “Cherry Tulips,” singer and keyboardist Erin Fein muses about dreams and flowers to a watery guitar solo and a mellow accordion. There’s probably more to it, but that’s really what’s there at face value. The trio’s bio describes the story of Fein and guitarist/vocalist Brett Sanderson moving into drummer Tristan Wraight’s farmhouse outside of Champaign, IL, and a methodical regime of song-writing and immediate recording that resulted in their sophomore album. All that introspective hard work and floral imagery would make my solidly Midwestern almost-mother-in-law give a nod of approval.

Then there’s the Love Language. If the Headlights are the band on your stereo for a productive day of gardening, reading, and house-cleaning, the Love Language provides the soundtrack for the nights when you can’t think of anything to do but drink and blithely despair over all your wasted plans. I’ve already discussed how one song off the Love Language’s debut full-length was born from Stuart McLamb’s angry romantic squabbles and subsequent broken hearts and beer bottles. This is not conservative Midwestern mother-in-law music. Just look at the group’s promo shot for Spin:
Love Language

Yet there must be a way for the two acts to compliment each other. Most diners enjoy a mix of savory and sweet in their dishes. Even the most passionate hedonist can appreciate a quiet day of rest and reflection. And given that Portland concert audiences have pretty high ratios of both diners and heathens, I’d say that the chances of this lineup snapping everyone out of the midweek doldrums is quite high.

  • Headlights ~ Some Racing, Some Stopping ~ Polyvinyl

Cherry Tulips

  • Love Language ~ Love Language ~ Bladen County



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