Songs with which to feel professionally ineffective



Fair warning: This entry is going to bum you out. But I can’t help it. The warmth of the past three days is going to condense into little black rain clouds and drown out everyone’s upbeat moods, though some might argue that this is a good thing. And in my non-bloggy-style work, the overall forecast hasn’t been very convivial either. First there was that horrific story. Then there is this horrific story. And I wonder if the good people in social services, the ones who work obscene hours for underwhelming wages in order to keep children safe, ever see themselves in the place of that poor twin boy. Do they feel like they can only bang their heads in frustration against crippling budget cuts, which force employees to take on daunting and heavy caseloads, which lead to a higher potential for worker burnout and lackadaisical personal standards? And then what can they do about the kinds of people whom they seek to save the children from? Who are these people? How do they let their actions color their lives and change them from people making poorly thought-out decisions into monsters?

You need a license to fish, post certain songs on your blog, get married, and run a business. But nobody questions your ability to breed and raise a family until you’ve been accused of doing something wrong. And so many people do really wrong things to children. I feel like the residue of those acts, such as the stories mentioned above, stick in my throat and make it impossible to remain optimistic and confident in the field I work in. But, in the interests of finding another perspective on my own despondency, I am more in awe of the often thankless and perennially underpaid efforts of my co-workers. In the spirit of all thing related to paperwork and timely calls back from harried social workers, happy (one week late) Social Workers Month.

  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ~ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ~ self-released

Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood

  • Pat Benatar ~ Crimes of Passion ~ Chrysalis

Hell Is for Children

And on a slightly lighter and tangential note, quite possibly my favorite song by Pulp:

  • Pulp ~ His ‘n’ Hers ~ Island

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