Make your inner nerd say uff da

The cover of 2007 album, Boss for Leader

The cover of 2007 album, Boss for Leader

In case you haven’t seen the video below yet, you really ought. Among the myriad reasons why:

– This was Tomas Nilsson’s student project. Can you imagine what Nilsson will be capable of once he’s out of school and employed? Sure, he’ll probably drink the Swedish equivalent of Pabst every night and feel prematurely old just like the rest of us. But when he’s not doing that, the real world applications of his art and design ideas will undoubtedly excite.

– Nilsson borrowed the design concept from the video for Röyksopp’s “Remind Me.” Sadly, no cavemen appear in either.

– He uses Slagsmålsklubben for the audio portion! I love Slagsmålsklubben so much. Just saying the band’s name out loud brings a smile to my face. Try it loudly if you’re in a foul mood. You won’t be for at least a second afterward. Trust me.

– Slagsmålsklubben served as my gateway into a genre of blip blop pop.  That’s another phrase that is fun to say. Blip blop pop uses the power of synthesizers to make you feel as if you live in a video game. Since my biggest every day obstacles include pushing stacks of paper without slicing my fingers and negotiating afternoon traffic, I like to add that musical element of pathos sometimes. Isn’t scanning, faxing, and filing way more entertaining if the music progressively speeds up as the danger of your life force being tapped out grows? Just don’t try to hit the other vehicles on the road. You’ll get more than just a zany staccato crash noise.

– Most of electronic music lends itself so well to just about anything you can think of. Why not use it for classic children’s fairy tales that emphasize such important characteristics like respecting your elders, never talking to strangers, and allowing recreational hunters into our homes? While it’s really the visual intricacies that makes this video worth watching, the playful and inventive aspect the song brings can’t be denied.

  • Slagsmålsklubben ~ Boss for Leader ~ EMI

“Sponsored by Destiny”


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