Word association and Americana folk pop

Bonus cool points if you can name the building in the back of the band

Bonus cool points if you can name the building in the back of the band

Speaking of band names I love, Autopilot Is for Lovers is headlining the Bladen County Records showcase at Holocene this Thursday. The quirky handle kind of makes sense to me in a free association sort of way:

God is my co-pilot > Dog is co-pilot > I love dogs > autopilot is for lovers (of dogs)

I didn’t say the train of thought made sense to anyone except me. But I like to imagine that the associative capacities of the band run in similar channels. Autopilot Is for Lovers plays a dreamy kind of music, rich with unhurried accordion and melodica parts, that makes your mind wander to far-off imaginative places. Singer Adrienne Hatkins possesses a bizarre voice that ripples with unexpected textures, sometimes sounding warbly and almost-out-of-control only to dip back to a soft and restrained hum. Maybe if Joanna Newsom decided to make Lisa Hannigan her vocal role model, as an experiment, she’d sound like Haskins. Then the famed and as yet non-existent Battle of the Independent Songbirds would take place, and the lasting effects from the sounds of all the smashed auto-harps would change the course of contemporary Americana folk forever.

Haskins’ bandmate is Paul Seely, who covers guitar and drums as well as the glockenspiel and horns when the occasion calls for them. The Salem, OR native also plays with fellow record label classmates, the Builders and the Butchers. According to Ryan Fish TV, Seely used to work as a bus driver in Lake Oswego, so beyond his considerable technical chops, he deserves kudos for not allowing those persuasive kiddos to lead him to a life of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

Miley + Jonas Brothers > Sitting in a tree > Cut the rope > DEATH

Be lucky your mind does not go down these warped paths that mine does. But just in case you’re one of my kind and don’t know how else to spend five dollars in Southeast Portland this Thursday, you’d probably enjoy supporting this local band at their record release show. One more:

Local band > local business support > responsible recession spending > pat yourself on the back, good citizen, now go contradict your consumer ethos and buy yourself a Hamm’s

In addition to the aforementioned Holocene concert, Autopilot Is for Lovers will also play at the Doug Fir on Sunday, May 31. Y La Bamba and St. Frankie Lee will also play.

  • Autopilot Is for Lovers ~ A Moveable Feast (a winter compilation) ~ Bladen County



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