Cover Friday: Torching it up

Not crying

Not crying

A few things I am stoked about for this upcoming weekend:

Record Store Day is tomorrow. Show your local, independent music stores you love them and don’t want to see them fold under all that big box store pressure. Treat yourself to a limited edition 7″ or the sleek, vinyl version of your favorite CD. Good for small businesses. Good for your ears.

– To quote Andrew K, here we go playoffs, here we go (clap clap)! For the first time in six years, the Portland Trailblazers are part of the NBA playoffs, complete with homecourt advantage for the first two games against the Houston Rockets. Maybe I’m a bandwagon jumper (that would be quite a wagon to jump, given that I’ve never lived in a city with a professional basketball team before), but holy cow, I’m so excited for my town’s adorable b-ball boys. An odd phenomena has happened to me since moving to Portland and supporting the local pro team. Maybe it’s similar to being a mother with hippie/peacenik leanings. You can eschew violent video games and GI Joe action figures (too war hawk) all you want, but once you see your kid on the soccer or softball field getting his ass kicked, you’re crying for the blood of the opponents just like all the other team parents. As proud as I am of the Blazers for getting this far, I must admit: Winning is awesome. Good luck, boys!

– Temperature is supposed to reach the upper 60s and potentially hit the 70s. Darn tootin’.

– Not much of a weekend event, but something sweet to keep in mind just in case I get trampled by angry collectors on Record Store Day, the Blazers play a sloppy game, and the weather decides to snow instead of shine: Susan Boyle. If you had any exposure to a TV or Youtube this past week, chances are you’ve seen the sublime clip of Boyle wowing everyone on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Ms. Boyle’s triumphant performance brings up a lot of topics concerning our modern world. Where has this woman been hiding all this time? Is this just another brilliantly devious ploy of reality TV to manipulate viewers and draw us all closer to the death of culture? And why does our culture underestimate people who don’t fit a conventional standard of beauty? Why do we tend to dismiss anyone over the age of forty who dares to try anything out of the ordinary? How disarming and magical must Boyle be in person to turn Simon Cowell into a fawning school-boy? She may not be an artist, at least not at the moment. But it’s note-worthy for a 47-year-old woman who lives alone and volunteers at a church to be offered the opportunity to create art with such a powerful tool at her disposal. Give how predisposed I am for little black rain clouds (I do live in Portland), it feels cloying and saccharine to simply conclude that Boyle’s story offers hope. But it kind of does. If a seemingly plain woman can burst out of nowhere and receive recognition for being nice and good at what she does, maybe the premium placed on being nice and good at what you do will rise. On a weekend full of possibilities like this one, I’m willing to give it a shot.

  • Susan Boyle ~ The Millennium Celebration ~ unknown, distributed by the Whitburn Community Council in the UK

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  1. 1 hammadthoughts April 18, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    i strongly agree with you but the news is rife now that she is a gimmick otherwise why the hell will anyone talk about Virginity or her past life?

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