Hog wild for hip hop

Luigi is looking for Mario's stash of red coins

Luigi is looking for Mario's stash of red coins

In case you’re unfamiliar with their music, maybe the picture will put any confusion to rest. The Chicharones will make you laugh, maybe LOL, perhaps even liz a little. Josh Martinez and Sleep of Old Dominion sample catchy tunes (they even bust into a little En Vogue bridge during one track) and pepper the songs with brash lyrical deluges that straddle the divide between cocky and too-damn-cute-to-take-offense. The Chicharones make music that makes you want to run screaming from your office to hit the nearest beach, fuck the consequences, from the hilariously dramatic origins story of the introduction to the surf guitars winding through “The Put Out” and the heartfelt sentiment about ugly babies on “Go Fuck Yourself.” But you can’t escape the idea that the band is really, at its heart, a couple of smart-ass boys from Vancouver, WA just trying to make you laugh.

Also, you know the group respects the powers of the pig. The swagger of the duo certainly makes them hams. Surely, a band that named themselves after a beloved fried pork snack and makes references to the most versatile of white meats on all their album releases (the most recent EP Swine Country, 2005’s When Pigs Fly, and 2003’s Boss Hogs) would appreciate “Pig,” the Roald Dahl poem that gives the porcine narrator the last laugh when he eats the farmer who has come to butcher him. So long as the farmer represents anything standing in the way of a good time, I’d say the Chicharones are poised to devour.

The Chicharones will play at Holocene on Tuesday, Apri 21. Statik, Willie Evans, Grieves, and Mr. Lif will also play.

  • Chicharones ~ Swine Country ~ Camobear

The Put Out


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