In the clamor and the clangor

Cute Crayola explosion

Cute Crayola explosion

Take a look at the cover of Clangour, the recent debut solo album from Sindri Mar Sigfusson, aka Sin Fang Bous (because the only thing better than one tongue-bomb of a name is two tongue-bomb names). It is a very apt example of the cover art depicting what the music on the album sounds like. It’s hard to escape the mental image of Sigfusson wandering through a gray and limp landscape, a Casiotone keyboard the size of his forearm in tow and an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder, touching objects and causing them to bloom with color and warmth. He works so hard, the lively blips and strums drifting miles away from his path, that his efforts show on his face in a flare like the inside of a crayon box.

But if you were to approach this multi-hued Pied Piper, maybe to thank him for adding splashes of sound that you’d previously never considered, he’d keep you at arm’s length. In response to your questions, he would mention that he keeps his appointments with the chief fox of the forest and he gets there by swimming through a river of past regrets. Then you would back away slowly, but not before spitting out, “Uh, thanksforthemusicbye.”

It is possible that my lyrical findings are all lies and speculation, but I suspect they can’t be too far off. The words are vague, the meanings more so. The best thing to do is enjoy Sin Fang Bous’ ear for expertly matching synthesized noises with utterly appealing and lush melodies. I first heard this album at Everyday Music on Record Store Day as it played from a turntable in the middle of the store. It almost made me sad to buy the CD, because the vinyl edition really brings out just how many tools Sigfusson has in his arsenal. In the same vein, the staff followed that album with Merriweather Post Pavillion. It’s no surprise that listeners have labeled the work of Sin Fang Bous as “Icelandic Animal Collective,” possibly because Icelandic Animal Collective is easier for more people to pronounce than Sin Fang Bous. Can you imagine a double-header featuring these two acts? They could call the tour The Marriage of Noise and Folk. The guests would be invited to toss paint instead of rice. The walls and floors of the venues, not to mention the distinctions between genres, would never be the same again.

  • Sin Fang Bous ~ Clangour ~ Morr Music

The Jubilee Choruses


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