Sainted love

I think you'll find my headshot says it all

I think you'll find my headshot says it all

I confess: Once the buzz began to swirl for the upcoming St. Vincent album, my first response was resistance. I couldn’t get past the irony. This big-eyed, curly-locked lady who once worked with the musical cult of twee, the Polyphonic Spree, made an impertinent video daring to criticize people who wish to stake their livelihoods on their good looks and abilities to memorize painful dialogue? The nerve! Wannabe actors and actresses work very hard and contribute so much to our society. Who else would silently sneer at me when I can’t pronounce the name of the wine at dinner? Who else will accept roles in all the deliciously awful commercials?

Then I realized that I shouldn’t take the title of the single, “Actor Out of Work,” too literally. The lyrics wryly reference the familiar sentiment, “You’re a blight on my very soul, but here I am, still with you.” Plus, the part of the video where St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, gets all the actors to cry kind of rules. So now I look forward, in hopes of more songs that come at me all sweet and appeasing, hiding their knives underneath the layers of cuteness.

St. Vincent’s album, Actor, will be out on Tuesday, May 5. St. Vincent will play at the Aladdin Theater on Monday, May 25. Pattern Is Movement will also play.

  • St. Vincent ~ Actor ~ 4AD

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