Cover Friday: You you you are not going to like this. Or you’ll love it.

Surprise. Lily hearts Britney.

Surprise. Lily hearts Britney.

I’m feeling a bit sadistic today. My team’s playoff run came to a halt in a sloppy, cringe-inducing fashion last night. If I can repeat the mantra, “It was a good season. And we beat LA,” several more times, I will eventually be at peace with the loss and subsequent lack of basketball. It’s all a learning experience so they can get it right next year, right?

Yeah, that uncomfortable tweak on your shoulders? That is cold comfort.

To add insult to injury, I also think I caught something during one of my last nights at the Rose Garden. This was before swine flu reached the Northwest, so it’s not that. At the second-to-last game I attended, the Blazer Dancers (they’re like cheerleaders, but each of them have enough ab strength that when combined, could easily chest-bump a person into the Canadian border) did a routine to a Britney Spears song. There are a lot of ways to describe Britney Spears, but the two words “aggravatingly catchy” come to mind. Girl may be a certifiable nutjob, but she has a unique superhero power — the ability to attach herself to songs that embed their way into the recesses of your memory and burrow like they’re hunting for truffles. If you’re in the pop music business, this is a pretty handy power to possess, and it serves as an effective deterrent against your enemies. But now I am unsure whether I am friend or foe, but I have had that godforsaken “Womanizer” song stuck in my head for nearly a week. One thing is certain – if I must suffer with such an infestation, SO SHOULD YOU.

Maybe it’s not surprising that other musicians (or, depending on whom you ask, any musicians) have been hit with the “Womanizer” bug as well. Franz Ferdinand shared their version on the BBC Live Lounge. Ladyhawke emotes through her own cover of the song on Radio One’s Live Lounge. And the flippant attitude and fast pace really suit Lily Allen as she sings to a saloon-style piano. Aural candy’s good for you, and in spite of my despondent mood, I am more than happy to share mine with you.

  • Lily Allen ~ from Authentic Shit with Mark Ronson on East Village Radio (Ronson name-checks Stereogum, that cheeky monkey)



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