Not a group of fashion victims, in spite of the trailer

These recording would never work were it not for the supermodel diet for boys.

These recordings could never have happened, were it not for the indie rock boy diet.

This may sound like a harsh criticism, but White Denim makes the music I think I would hear if I was to have a breakdown. You need music for all occasions, right? Why not for when it all finally collapses? I’m not talking about some forced freak show as interpreted by Alice Cooper in “Welcome to My Nightmare.” His song is a vaudevillian take on madness, mostly for the amusement of Alice Cooper. But White Denim blurs so many lines that it’s only natural to think that the lines were someone’s bizarre dream to begin with.

First, the concept of genre is difficult to apply to the band. There are shades of quick and dirty punk, particularly when you learn how the band members recorded a lot of their earliest work in a trailer that belonged to their drummer, Joshua Block. But there are other times when the band sounds like they would have been right at home with the classic rock bands of the 60’s. And if you were to hear the demo recording of “Sitting,” with its percussive echoes and warped guitar floating in and out, you might think the band was recording music to be played en route to the moon. However, White Denim’s trailer-based origins hardly mean the band is lazy or unfocused. In 2008, they released two full length albums aimed for European and U.S. distribution respectively, as well as three tracks for the exclusively online label, RCRD LBL. They have another LP scheduled for European listeners to be released this June. Even the off-stage antics of White Denim could be considered prolific, as the trio filmed three disposable digital camcorders’ worth of non-concert footage while on tour in 2007. And they’ve only been together since 2006. That kind of a work ethic could very well make me snap with envy. But then I’d miss their June release, and madness is hardly a legitimate excuse for missing good music. It appears to aid in the production of some really amazing songs, in any case.

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