No longer on a downward spiral

Much as it pains teenage me to admit it, but they make a cute couple.

Much as it pains teenage me to admit it, they make a cute couple.

With the announcement of his engagement today, Trent Reznor became a polygamist. You see, he’s been married to me since I was 14. I decreed us man-and-wife when I wrote “The Sound and the Nerdy Reznor” with a White-Out pen all over my binders, which were black, of course, and decked out with Nine Inch Nails stickers meant for one’s vehicle (I rode the bus). You just can’t abandon 14 years of marriage despite how the union was never officially recognized and half of the coupling never knew that he was married.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my largely-imagined relationship with Trent Reznor. Lots of girls grew up in the 90’s. Many of them hit that horrid teenage skid, when the needle came off the record and they learned that not only did they have to make it out of high school and hormone-impaired skin, but they had to do it as members of the fringe caste of their daily societies. Granted, my introduction to Nine Inch Nails came by way of a friend’s obsession, and my friend was on student council and enjoyed a healthy amount of popularity. But underneath her cheerleading, pep-rallying exterior, she (like me, and pretty much everyone else in that age bracket) wanted to be angry and improper and even sexual. We rode the bus, shared our headphones, and swooned over our husband. Maybe Reznor and his lifestyle were never meant to be the final destination for me and the rest of that generation of girls, but his body of work (as well as his body, to me) sure made the procession through high school sound less abhorrent.

The news of Reznor’s to Mariqueen Maandig, the singer of West Indian Girl, reminds me that even the best tortured artists need space to heal and find some level of peace in spite of the layers of angst they’ve either had thrown at them or built for themselves. Reznor’s substance abuse and depression issues could have made him another name in the annals of short-lived talents. But these days, the 43-year-old musician/producer/master of industrial noise/purveyor of obscenities via iPhone enjoys critical acclaim for his most recent works, Ghosts I – IV and The Slip (released free of charge via download from the Nine Inch Nails website), as well as recognition for his adept use of web technologies with his 2009 Webby Award for Artist of the Year. His upcoming nuptials to Maandig could mean that he’s through with wallowing in mud (you just don’t track mud into a shared bed) and lyrics of harsh self-loathing. This may give some of his more destruction-friendly fans cause for worry. But I like to think that his fans have gotten past that stage, too.

  • Nine Inch Nails ~ The Slip ~ Null

The Four of Us Are Dying

  • West Indian Girl ~ West Indian Girl ~ Astralwerks

What Are You Afraid Of


2 Responses to “No longer on a downward spiral”

  1. 1 blouseparty May 7, 2009 at 7:30 PM

    whoa. when did trent reznor become a body-builder-wrestler-lookin-son-of-a-gun??

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