Canada’s got class

Like a bat out of hell

Like a bat out of hell

If independent music were school, any association with the New Pornographers is an initiation to the popular kids’ group, where the members tour, play, and drink nothing but awesome sauce. The hands-down taker of the titles Most Likely to Succeed and Biggest Sweetheart would be Neko Case, who’s seen a lot of love on this blog already. Class President might go to A.C. Newman, the main songwriter of the New Pornographers, for his leadership roles in the band as well as his solo work. Newman might also receive special recognition for Throws the Best Parties, since his spouse heads the marketing department of Matador Records.

But bandmate Dan Bejar easily takes the cake for Most Unusual. You could hand Bejar that title based on his signature acidic-tinged vocal style alone. But that doesn’t take into account the non-sequiturs he’s known for spewing out as part of his solo project, Destroyer. Seriously, who talks about foam hands in a song about love and longing? However, Bejar’s melodic choices help to balance the mysterious nature of his lyrics. Maybe it’s a gift from his production team, who possess a knack for knowing when to soften the rough plea of Bejar’s voice and add a bell run to make any song sound like a lullaby. On Destroyer’s most recent album, Trouble in Dreams, the counterparts to Bejar’s fever dream tendencies are the placid and impossibly pretty string arrangements of Ted Bois, the group’s pianist. Last month ushered in another Bejar baby, an album named Enemy Mine that was born of a union with Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade under the name Swan Lake. And it is likely that Dan Bejar never sleeps, as he maintains a third band called Hello, Blue Roses, a duo consisting of him and his significant other. Given Bejar’s frenzied production rate, the oddest member to carry the New Pornographers’ pedigree will certainly never claim the title of Slacker.

Destroyer will play at the Mississippi Studio on Thursday, May 7. Azita will also play.

  • Destroyer ~ Trouble in Dreams ~ Merge

Foam Hands


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  1. 1 Danielle May 8, 2009 at 6:25 AM

    Can I have a sip of this purported sauce of awesome???

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