Cover Friday Sunday: My mom is my homegirl

Live from abstract P

Live from abstract P

Yup, we’re writing on a Sunday because Sunday is Your Mother’s Day. And My Mother’s Day, for that matter. It’s a pretty generalized statement, but for the most part, none of us would be here were it not for our moms. Not all moms are made equally awesome, but the ones who manage to make the ranks of awesome are often beyond awesome.  But everyone knows this. What you may not know are the myriad ways in which my mom is awesome. A hasty top 10:

10) Several years ago, my mom and I were driving somewhere. That goofy Led Zeppelin song came on the radio. We both sang along. There is yet to be an impromptu Iron Maiden performance.

9) Her rendition of the Frito Bandito song. So un-PC, yet so hilarious.

8 ) My mom’s voice. It’s pretty, mmkay?

7) In photos of my mom fr0m her teenage and early-twenties lives, she looks a little like an Asian Cher.

6) Unrepentant love of the Beatles and Joni Mitchell. Who knew that musical tastes could be passed down through heredity?

5) Her last piece of advice before dropping me off for my first outdoor concert: “If anyone gives you something and tells you to smoke it, don’t!” Because concert attendees in Hawaii never smoke anything indoors, I guess.

4) Piano lessons, from the time I was 10 until I was ready to leave for college.

3) My Mom has always believed in my illustrious writerly leanings. She’s still waiting on the completed short story meant for some far-off Christmas present, but she’s still somewhat hopeful. She also offered her support when I wanted to be a teacher, a librarian, and a fashion designer. She was less supportive of my plans to become Prince William’s bride, but given the history of narcissism and crazy that run in that bloodline, I suppose I understand.

2) Me: “So, have you been reading my blog?” Mom: “I looked at it once. But I didn’t know anyone you were talking about. So I stopped reading.”

1) Not only did my mom have the dubious fortune of giving birth to me, but she and my dad also cranked out my sisters. And my sisters are awesome, too.

Another source of awesomeness is Charles Thompson IV, aka Black Francis, aka Frank Black, aka a contributor to so many projects I love. But that merits an entirely different entry. Needless to say, the intersection between Frank Black and my mom lies at the awesome coordinate. Here, Frank Black shares his appreciation for both mothers and funk with his cover of a James Brown song.

  • Frank Black ~ James Brown Super Bad @ 65: A James Brow Tribute ~ Zero Hour

Mother Popcorn (You Got to Have a Mother for Me)


1 Response to “Cover Friday Sunday: My mom is my homegirl”

  1. 1 Mark May 21, 2009 at 4:39 AM

    My mom reads my blog sometimes, and always read the column I used to write…didn’t understand 90 percent of it, but still has a stack of papers in the spare room…ah moms.

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