The pied piper of San Francisco

Vanderslice could be a Romanian name. John could not.

Vanderslice could be a Romanian name. John could not.

I feel like a bad former San Franciscan. I never got around to pinpointing the location of John Vanderslice’s analog studio, Tiny Telephone, when I lived in the city. Then again, stalking carries a felony charge. And in spite of the highly-esteemed singer-songwriter cred that Vanderslice carries among pop music junkies, there’s something so down-to-earth about him that would make stalking him seem even more absurd.

Vanderslice has released several albums, including a concept album co-authored with John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats during the two musicians’ joint run earlier this year, and toured prolifically over the last 10 years. But despite his herculean work effort, Vanderslice has described himself as lazy, even as he references Romantic poets and politics in his lyrics. He’s had the same girlfriend for years, and moved out of his Florida hometown because of a former girlfriend. His newest album, Romanian Names, will hit stores on May 19, but he still finds time to take pictures of random ephemera and post the images on Twitter. He watches “The Office” and “House” in the rare moments he’s not working. In short, he’s a well-rounded guy who lives in the city and strives to create beautiful and original things with every project without losing touch with reality. Sounds kind of familiar, or it should.

John Vanderslice will play at the Mississippi Studios on Thursday, May 21. Mimicking Birds will also play.

  • John Vanderslice ~ Romanian Names ~ Dead Oceans

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