Even high school looks hotter in French

Best-tressed pirate I've ever seen

Best-tressed pirate I've ever seen

There are a few reasons why I love this video from French-Canadian bombshell/songstress (bombstress? songshell?), Béatrice Martin, known to friends and admirers as Coeur de Pirate. But to be honest, the music isn’t the main pull. It’s bouncy and pleasant enough, but since I am the equivalent of a semi-deaf housepet for the French language, it’s hard to be completely drawn in. Luckily, Martin picked a subject of widespread, culture-spanning intrigue for the video for her song, “Ensemble.”

High school always provides rich cues for visual interpretation. The “Ensemble” perspective shows what your high school might have looked like if it adopted the office dress code on Mad Men and was populated by some of the most attractive and sharply-dressed boys and girls in the Western world. But there’s still that achingly familiar cast of bully-bitches and couples making out in inappropriate settings as well as the much-trodden backdrops of the bathroom and the dance. It could be considered trite, but the costumes (not to mention the fact that I have absolutely no idea what the song might be about) place the theme on the good side of surreal. I like how Martin and her doppelganger never appear too brown-beaten by the nit-wittery of their classmates. They even end the song confidently on stage with dual keyboards, which is probably more commonplace for a person who’s been playing the piano since she was l’enfant such as Martin. Accurate or not, it’s a much more fun image than the one that concluded my senior prom, which ended with me asleep in my car in front of the pie shop. Thank goodness that’s all in the past. J’aime l’pie …

  • Coeur de Pirate ~ Coeur de Pirate ~ Grosse Boîte

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