Cover Friday Saturday: I need a hey yeah yeah

I fell in love again last night. In case you required proof that I don’t spend all my time obsessing over my own silly musings and alphabetizing my iTunes library, I’ll have you know that I spent a huge chunk of last night digesting a massive quarter-pound cheeseburger and falling slowly for a website. Captain Obvious and his talented friends write thoughtful and informative blurbs about music, film, and other pop cultural artifacts. I would be remiss to not mention those writings, since they comprise the majority of the site, but the real sweet spot is a feature they do known as the Mixtapes. This section contains the equivalent of free crack for a music junkie in a format that is easy to read and entirely impossible to resist. Each month, they do two playlists. One of the playlists is made up of songs from albums that occurred in the month or artists that popped onto their radar. The other playlist consists of nothing but covers.

You can imagine my reaction upon learning this. They say love at first sight is really just a natural hormonal response to stimuli, but when it comes to free mP3s of cover songs, they’re wrong. It is love, and I knew that Captain Obvious and I were destined for a starry-eyed time together.

Of course, not everyone can welcome love into their lives with the ease and willingness with which I did with Captain Obvious. Because some people have past experiences that color their expectations and behaviors, or in the parlance of our times, baggage. Because some people are more reasonable than I am. And because when you’re in the gravitational pull of an entity more powerful than music on the Interwebs, it’s normal to exercise some caution. “Hounds of Love,” Kate Bush’s definitive ode to being equal parts terrified and drawn to the idea of falling in love, got the electronic treatment by the Futureheads on their debut album in 2004. I’ no Captain Obvious, but with our shared love of covers, I like to think we’re at the start of something epic.

  • Futureheads ~Futureheads ~ Sire

Hounds of Love


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