Love is like a virus, but a virus is not love

In healthier times

In healthier times

Doesn’t it seem like ages since the H1N1 virus, aka the dreaded swine flu aka sure sign of an impending zombie apocalypse, was the scourge of the world? Sadly, for Jens Lekman, the disease is more than an alarmist’s siren named after a barnyard animal. This past weekend, the Scandinavian songwriter revealed on his website that he caught the virus while touring in South America. All one of us at TS&tN HQ wish him a swift and sound recovery. Seriously, I hope this isn’t punishment for missing his show in Portland. If there’s any silver lining to be found in Lekman’s medical emergency, I hope it’s that he gains lots of great raw material from his fever dreams to write some more quirky songs about love in all its permutations. All the same, get well soon, Jens.

  • Jens Lekman ~ Night Falls Over Kortedala ~ Secretly Canadian

The Opposite Of Hallelujah


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