The battle between health care professionals and aggressive prehistoricals

I once read about a fun game to play with sports teams. You can even play if you know less than zilch about sports. Basically, you consider the names of two teams. Then you determine what the outcome would be if the two things that the sports teams are named after actually went into battle against each other. And despite what any stat, player injury list, or match-up record could tell you, some things just can’t be beaten.

A Viking would make mincemeat out of a Packer, since Packers do not possess the mighty hammer of Thor or any other Nordic mythological devices. On the other hand, the Packer could easily best the lowly Dolphin and turn it into canned tuna.

A Diamondback will likely triumph over any combination of Cardinals, Dodgers, and Sox both red and white. But even the Diamondback would have to concede defeat at the hands of a Giant (much as it pains me, the Athletics fan, to say).

A Trailblazer probably won’t make it out intact after a confrontation with a Timberwolf. Note how this does not apply to basketball in the slightest.

So, in the musical realm, I submit to you the bands behind my two newest CD acquisitions: The Nurses versus Crocodiles. Both bands released albums on respected indie labels this year. Both will be gracing the Doug Fir within the next two months. Both currently live and work at various locales near the Pacific. But how do they stack up against each other?

Let’s begin with the Nurses. Even in our contentious society, most people agree that the medical field benefits hugely from the presence of nurses. But can the same be said for the presences of the Nurses in the world of pop music? I suppose so,  particularly for fans of MGMT and the Scandinavian music scene that birthed Sin Fang Bous and Seabear. The Nurses’ album, Apple’s Acre, is full of light and cacophanous noise, kind of like if kids at a preschool recorded an album with their wind-up toys playing instruments and all recess banter left in the mix. Most of the songs are painstakingly arranged with lots of bells and whistles flitting away in all directions. The effect is fun and certainly pleasant to the ear, especially in the quick and whimsically titled “Caterpillar Playground,” but almost none of it sticks with you past the instant you listen to a song. If the Nurses really held any positions in the healing business, I’d be afraid that they’d give the lollipop without ever administering the inoculation.

In the other corner, few sentient beings want to mess with the crocodile. However, the musical duo known as Crocodiles out of San Diego makes music that will awaken your inner 80s child and compel him or her to wave his or her arms around in a joyous display of something like rhythm. Fittingly, they’re named after an Echo and the Bunnymen album (not to mention another band called the Crocodiles that operated sometime in the 80s), and it’s easy to pick up a similar tendency towards dance-ready beats in the single, “I Wanna Kill.” More frequently, Crocodiles favor their sound warped and fuzzy. “Flash of Light” even features an ongoing feedback-drenched low growl of a bass line, making them closer to the animal they’ve fashioned their name after. Yes, I assume that crocodiles growl. I seriously doubt I will ever get close enough to a pissed-off crocodile in real life to let you know for sure. If I do, I’m not sure the ministrations of any nurse would help

The Nurses will play at the Doug Fir on Friday, September 18. Pink Mountaintops, Pack A.D., and Scout Niblett will also play.

  • Nurses ~ Apple’s Acre ~ Dead Oceans

Caterpillar Playground

Crocodiles will play the Doug Fir on Friday, August 21. Graffiti Island and Pens will also play.

  • Crocodiles ~ Summer of Hate ~ Fat Possum

I Wanna Kill


2 Responses to “The battle between health care professionals and aggressive prehistoricals”

  1. 1 Danielle August 22, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    Um, my high school mascot was the illustrious Blues Note. Yes, a music note that happened to be blue. Tell me, where the hell does that fit in? Oh wait, we know that music trumps all. Nevermind.

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