All dressed up with nowhere to go

Florence and the Machine

You have something on your hands.


Finally, one of the precious few nights of the year when tough guys can wear diapers, women can don beards, and everyone under the age of 10 and over the age of 18 trails glitter wherever they go. It’s hard not to love Halloween. I know that I personally cannot wait to slip into the scandalous version of a vampire schoolgirl from the 70s.

Except I won’t, because I am practical. It has been wet and not a beat over 60 degrees outside this whole week. Also, I do not need to help history repeat itself. If you ever buy me a glass or two of some crisp Pinot, I might tell you the story about how my perpetually broke college self needed something to wear for Halloween and found a Little Red Riding Hood costume . . . in the children’s section. I’m small and ate pretty sparingly, but despite those dubious advantages, I still ended up squeezing into a tiny red and white sheath that barely covered my ass and left ultra-sexy elastic welts all over my limbs.  From that year on, I determined that the sexy was better left to different occasions, like Thanksgiving.

But whether you dress like a nun or a nutjob this Halloween, that shouldn’t stop you from setting the mood with music that celebrates the supernatural. You can start with a classic. For me, no Halloween is complete until I’ve ripped a satisfying “Dooooon’t run away, it’s only me,” from my throat. This is the full version, so it’s long. Needless to say, every second of it is awesome.

  • “Dead Man’s Party” ~ Oingo Boingo ~ Dead Man’s Party ~ MCA

But what kind of guests should you expect at such a party? Do you chit chat about sports? The weather? The rush of wind and screams of the damned that occur as you sink your teeth into your victim? Christopher Owens, Chan Marshall, and Elvis Perkins (and how amazing would that guest list be) have some topical suggestions.

  • “Ghost Mouth” ~ Girls ~ Album ~ True Panther Sounds
  • “Werewolf” ~ Cat Power ~ You Are Free ~ Matador
  • “Stay Zombie Stay” ~ Elvis Perkins in Dearland ~ The Doomsday EP ~ XL

Stay Zombie Stay

But don’t fear the undead. They’re no more decrepit than your garden variety post rocker. And in the spirit (some pun intended) of celebrating all things that go bump in the night, the sensual sounds found below should warm even the barest of asses on this All Hallow’s Eve.

  • “Old Tricks in Hell” ~ Amazing Baby ~ Rewild ~ Shangri-La
  • “My Boy Builds Coffins” ~ Florence and the Machine ~ Lungs ~ Universal Republic

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  1. 1 kaitwarren July 16, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    Very cool recommendations.

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