If there’s a better reason to jump for joy, who cares?

Real talk

Real talk

Something was so awesome I actually returned from the blogging dead to let you know. How awesome is it? If you are a fan of the Magnetic Fields and any or all of their 69 love songs, then you will find this most awesome.

You want more? Fine. I really wanted that blog to be a logical and topical segue to talk about Magnetic Fields’ newest endeavor, Realism. But the group affiliation is seemingly where logic and topicality stop. But that’s not exactly the case. The Magnetic Fields, both in the heyday of 69 Love Songs and after, has always been a band content to wander through city landscapes and occasionally put down their books, stand at the keyboard, and sing about their thoughts. They’ve built a hefty repertoire of songs for the lovelorn, the twitterpated, and the spurned, and in their dealings with the mundane and messy details of one’s personal life, the Magnetic Fields’ work resonates the strongest. Merritt’s wry observations and pop culture allusions have hooked droves of fans, even the kind who generally can’t stand the unabashed preciousness of such an outfit. So that could make it easier to excuse Merritt, in his striking toneless bass, as he goes on about Dada polka to a clacking tambourine. Or maybe not. As with the Love Songs trilogy of albums, not every track can be sublime. I’m including the first song of the album here, for its similarity to the standout parts of 69 Love Songs, and the obligatory 1999 nostalgia.

The Magnetic Fields will play at the Aladdin Theater on Sunday, February 21 (this show is sold out), and Monday, February 22. Mark Eitzel will also play.

  • Magnetic Fields ~ Realism ~ Nonesuch

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