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Still here, and with a very important cause

Don't be fooled - they're less cuddly than they appear.

The systematic campaign of violence against pandas has been a long-documented blight on the panda bear and panda bear impersonator community. It is an issue where one group, sometimes very twee young Spanish nationals and sometimes other panda bears, coerces the pandas into circumstances that compromise their safety through persuasion and Casio keyboards, but more often than not brute force. The harm enacted upon pandas is shameful to any person who considers himself a lover of panda bears (ew) and those in bear suits, but contains a dreadfully lurid quality that makes the widespread response to all the atrocities a strangely complacent shrug.

It is not sufficient to dismiss pandas as face-eating murder bears and allow the abuse to continue unchecked. As a citizen of the planet, I urge you to watch the following footage from Papa Topo and make your voice heard. Clearly, if you think that brutality against pandas is not safe for your work environment or your own fragile psyche, steer clear of viewing (you pansy).

  • Papa Topo ~ Oso Panda ~ Elefant Records in Spain, through Darla in the U.S.